Coffee Girl

Cassidy Hutchinson is 25 or 26 years old, depending on what media outlet you are following. In that young age, she has interned for Ted Cruz and Steve Scalese. In 2020 she became the principal assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Her official title was Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. Not too bad for a 25 or 26 year old.

Since her bombshell testimony, to the January 6 Committee, the Trumpers have launched a total smear campaign against her Donald himself has led the attack. First of all, as with anyone criticizing Trump, he says that he hardly knew her. Donald, she knew you. She cleaned up after you. Ketchup. Donald says that she had the body language of a BS artist. Though experts in that field say otherwise.

Her breakdown of what hapened in the vehicle where Trump was alleged to grab the steering wheel and attack a Secret Service Agent has been disparaged. First, she was recounting what someone else had told her, in front of others. Trumpers claim that Trump could not have done that in the “Beast”. He would have been too far back. Thing is, he was not in the “Beast”. He was in an SUV, as video proves. Also, the story of Trump being enraged that he could not go to the Capitol was well known in the ranks of the Secret Service. This contradicts with the book written by Marlk Meadows, where Meadows writes that Trump decided not to go to the Capitol that day..

There are stories that ex boyfriends of Cassidy says she is a known liar. The Trumpers are also calling her “coffee girl” trying to diminish her importance and her role in the White House. They are saying that she is a liar because some of things she attributes to Pat Cipollone (White House counsel to Trump) can not be true because Cippolone was not present, at that time. That being said Cipollone and the January 6 Committee are having discussions which hopefully will result in Cipollone testifying to the Committee.

Trumpers have attempted to smear anyone who has given testimony to the Committee. However, what they have failed to dispute, is dispute the overall facts that have been presented. Coffee Girl indeed.

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