Ketchup is Flying

IImage from Washington Post

Poor little Donnie. The Grand Jury in Georgia has subpoened a bunch of his co conspirators including Rudy, Lindsay Graham and John Eastman, relating to election tampering in Georgia. Fani Willis, pictured on the left, the Fultion County District Attorney, leading this state investigation, has stated that anyone could be subpoened, including Donnie.

Pat Cipollone, pictured on the right, Trump’s White House Counsel will testify before the Committee tomorrow and do to Trump, what John Dean, Nixon’s White House Counsel, did to Nixon.

Cushman and Wakefield, the Trump Organization’s real estate appraisers, are being fined $10,000 a day, by the New York Attorney General, for failing to provide documents relating to potentially fraudulent asset valuations.

The Chief of the IRS has decided to refer the decisions to audit two Trump enemies, McCabe and Comey, during the Trump Administration, to the Inspector General.

I heard that the stock in Heinz Ketchup is skyrocketing.

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