How Did It Happen?

As you know I kind of lean left, politically, (kind of) so if I see political chatter on twitter, it is mostly left based and I have seen a lot of disparaging remarks about Doug Ford. Being out west, I have not followed Ontario politics as much as I could. I do know that Ford won the Ontario provincial election by a huge majoritry earlier this year. How huge? Well, his party won 83 seats. All the remaining parties won only 40. So, if he won so many seats why does he seem to be so unpopular?

First, there are 10.7 million registered voters in Ontario. However, only 4.6 million votes were cast. This means that only 43.5% of eligible voters actually voted. By per centage, this is lowest voter turnout, ever, for an Ontario provincial election. The only other time voter turnout was below 50% was in 2011 when 48% voted. Back in the last election, in 2018, 57% of eligible voters actually voted.

Here is where it gets wilder. The Progressive Conservatives, won 83 seats with 1.9 million votes. That translates to 41.3% of total votes cast. So what this means is that of the total number of eligible voters, only just under 18% voted in a majority progressive conservative government. Over 80% of Ontario eligible voters did not vote in Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative majority government!

Two things are going on here. Ontario, you brought it on yourselves, with your apathy. The lowest voter turnout ever. You get what you pay for, or don’t pay for, in this case. Furthermore, Ford got a majority with only 41.3% of votes cast. Does seem to be a bit unfair. But it is not unique to Ontario. Tomorrow I will chirp on the last Federal election. Lot of complaing about Justin Trudeau of late from the right (nice hair though – nah). Also tomorrow I hope to chirp about disgusting misogyny going around Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. This is all Trump land doesn’t produce another wtf! day, today.

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