This is a shameless plug. In my “About the Bird” page, I made brief mention of being an aspring writer. It has been a 10 month process, so far, with a couple of months to go. I am in the middle of establishing, with Friesen Press, the self publisher, list prices for various formats, hard cover, soft cover and e-book. In about 6 weeks (I think) the book will be available, on line, through Amazon and other such outlets. It will be also available on the Friesen Press webpage.

This book was a labour of love as opposed to making a profit. I can’t see myself selling more than about 50 books in all honesty. But that does not really matter to me. It will likely be a one shot effort too. But that is between me and me.

The image above is what the front and back cover will be. I am awaiting my first printed copy in a couple of days and am looking forward to that. In a few weeks from now, once the date gets closer, I will let you all know and let everyone I know in FaceBook and my little twitter account. Have a nice day everybody.

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  1. Congrats Richard

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