Minimum I.Q. Required?

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

So many things to chirp about at the end of this week. Such as Trump threatening the country if he gets indicted, and the Florida judge requiring the FBI to stop reviewing the Mar-a-Lago classified documents, until the Special Master has reviewed them (screw national security). But I am left almost chirpless by the antics of these two. They honestly make a case, along with others, of their ilk, of requiring a minimim IQ level to get into Congress. Let alone any elected position.

Lauren Boebert was giving a speech, earlier this week. Lauren, who is disgusted with this whole separation of Church and State nonsense, was reading a passage from Romans, in the Bible. She came across the phrase “wanton killings”. First of all she pronounced it “wonton”. Then she explained that she did not know what it meant. It sounded pretty bad and she wanted no part of it. When I first saw the video of this on twitter I honestly thought, this had to be fake. It just had to be. Nope. Is not.

Then there is Marjorie. She is of the Jewish space laser fame as the cause of the California wildfires. Yes, she did say that. Just two further examples. Marjorie was attacking House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, a while back. She was trying to compare Pelosi to the Nazi Secret Police, the Gestapo. Only she did not say Gestapo. She said “Gazpacho” a vegetable based cold soup. In all fairness, I did not know what Gazpacho was. But a few months later, she complained that Bill Gates wanted all of us to eat burgers grown in “peach tree dishes” Oh for goodness sake!

Had to blow off steam and thank you for putting up with the rant. Depending on what stupidity may happen this weekend, I hope to chirp about Trump and the Florida judge, as well as, Pierre Poilievre’s sudden shyness with the media. What a freaking week.

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