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Bit of a different chirp today Weekends tend to be slower news days. No slight intended to the courage of the Iranian protesters, the bravery of Ukraine or to those suffering in Atlantic Canada because of Fiona. We all want the best for all of them.

I have listened to a number of Trump related books in the past couple of years, including the Woodward books and others. Just want to recommend two books that have just come out.

The first book is “American Psychosis”, by David Corn, pictured in the middle here. It is not about Trump, specifically, but it explains the right wing extremists/conspiracy theorist support for him. Corn covers the right wing extremist ties to Republicans since the 1950’s. Starting off with Wisconsin Senator, Joe McCarthy, and his Communist witch hunt in the 1950’s, where there was a commie under everey bed. One quote pretty well killed McCarthyism when McCarthy was investigating the US army for red infiltrators. The lawyer of the US army, had the following quote. during a hearing

“At long last, have you no sense of decency?”

There is Republican presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater’s quote, during the Republican convention in 1964.

“Extremism, in the pursuit of liberty, is no vice.”

From there, the book covers Nixon’s and then Reagan’s flirtations with religious extermist carnival barkers, such as, Jerry Falwell. Book moves on to conspiracy theories such as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, the tea party and now the wild conspiracy theories, implicitly supported by Trump, leading to the possible legitimization of QAnon.

I am only halfway through the second book, “The Divider”, written by the husband and wife team of Peter Baker and Susan Glasser. This is an indepth look at the brutal chaos of the Trump administration from 2017 to 2021. It literally puts you at the events that occurred in the WhiteHouse. You should read/listen to this book in bare feet, otherwise your socks will be blown off. The research for the book and the number of insiders that must have been interviewed is astounding . The level of backbiting is shocking, Also, like a Stephen King novel, characters are developed. You get a true understanding of why Steven Miller is so despised, even by people within the Trump administration. I am only into 2019 and am devouring this book. If you ever want to read a book about the Trump administration, this one is it.

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