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Hockey Canada was founded, in 1968, to oversee Canada’s national hockey teams. Hockey Canada and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association merged in 1994. The new organization was named Hockey Canada.

In May, of this year, The Sports Network (TSN), reported that Hockey Canada, quietly settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed to have been gang raped by 8 members of the Canadian Hockey League during the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2018. Since then, it has come out that members of the 2003 Canadian World Junior Hockey champions are also being investigated for a group sexual assault that happened, at that time. Adding to Hockey Canada’s woes is Hockey Canada’s confirmation that they have paid $8.9 million in settlements to 21 complainants, since 1989. The source of funding for these settlements was player registration fees. None of the players involved in these allegations have been identified.

With regard to the 2018, alledged gang rape, the Chairman of Hockey Canada resigned, in August. Hockey Canada opened a third party investigation but did not require the players who might have been involved to cooperate with investigators. Hockey Canada, after backlash, had to reopen the investigation, requiring players to cooperate or be banned from Hockey Canada activities. Hockey Canada, in late July, subsequently released an 19 page plan, outlining measures to prevent future abuses. Future abuses. The NHL is now conducting itsd own investigation.

Hockey Canada, itself, is now being investigated for how it handled the sexual assault allegations. Canada’s Sports Minister has stated that Hockey Canada has a culture problem and that the allegations were “extremely disturbing and horrific”.

Hockey Canada has dug in. Changes in the Board have not happened. The Federal Government has put funding to Hockey Canada on hold. Organizations within Hockey Canada, such as Hockey Quebec has severed ties. Major sponsors have dropped out. The recent junior hockey championships, in Edmonton, was poorly attended and had a low sponsor profile. The sponsor exodus continues. Anyone who has watched previous World Junior Hockey tournaments, on tv, will recall the Tim Horton’s commercials. They have dropped out. A major retailer of hockey equipment, Canadian Tire, has dropped out. There are now calls, including by the Prime Minister, for Hockey Canada to be replaced. This is not going to end well. This will leave a black mark on Canadian hockey On the other hand, hopefully, all the victims of these alleged abuses, will get some kind of justice.

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