Elnaz Update

Sourced from Hindustan Times

Yesterday’s chirp concerned Elnaz Rekabi, the Iranian woman who competed in a competition in South Korea without a hijab. Friends say that they have been unable to contact her since Sunday. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “well informed sources” indicate that Rekabi’s passport and cell phone were confiscated before she boarded a plane for Tehran on Tuesday.

According to an Iranian anti-regime website, Rekabi had been taken to the Iranian embassy, in Seoul, and would fly back to Iran a day early than planned, to deter possible protests at the Tehran airport.

The Iranian embassy in Seoul, issued a statement that it

“strongly denies all the fake, false news and disinformation”

Rekabi has an instagram account with over 200,000 followers. Her account has since had a post, supposedly made by her, which had the following

“I first apologize for all the concerns I have caused…my hijab unintentionally became problematic…I am currently on my way back to Iran alongside the team based on the pre-scheduled timetable”

How could this be her post if her cell phone was confiscated? The Iranian theocracy is facing its greatest turmoil since it came to power 43 years ago. This time the protesters are women and even children. The theocracy’s strong handed tactics in past protests have worked. However this time they are facing a different animal. They may and most likely will regret catching this tiger by the tail. For now, let us all hope that Rekabi does not end up a martyr.

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