Open Season

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Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was attacked with a hammer, in their home, early Friday morning. He required surgery for a skull fracture and to repair serious injuries on his arm and hand. The assailant, David DePape, broke into home shouting “Where is Nancy”. DePape has a history of sharing conspiracy theories, on social media sites. As for Nancy Pelosi, the intended victim, she was in Washington, at the time.

Fox propaganda (also known as Fox News) is blaming the rising crime rate, mental health issues and Joe Biden’s divisiveness. Back in 2016, there were a little over 900 threats made on congress members. Donald Trump became President in January 2017. In 2017, threats to congress members jumped to 3,939. By 2021, this has jumped to 9,625. This is a tenfold increase since Trump came to power. We all know, Trump’s tolerance for violence and threats. Best example, “there are good people on both sides”, after Charlottesville.

We all remember January 6. “Hang Mike Pence” and “Where is Nancy-we are coming to get you Nancy”. This all happening while Trump was watching the insurrection on tv. At his speech, beforehand, he knew that many, in the crowd, had weapons. Yet he urged them to the Capitol, urging them to fight for their country. I am sure that some of you saw the video of Marjorie Taylor Greene calling for Pelosi to be executed for treason.

Are things going to get better? Will this incident cool things off? I don’t think so. n a sense, Trump’s continued rhetoric has given the loonies an “open season” pass. The number of death threats on congress members, continue to rise. There was a plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, where after the kidnapping, the kidnappers planned to put her on trial and then execute her. With people like Greene, Jordan, Gaetz and others, I don’t see this cooling down at all.

Elon Musk just took over Twitter. In the one day that he has owned twitter, racist and white nationalist tweets have surged. Sooner or later Trump will again have Twitter as a platform for his verbal assaults on whoever he desires. So, no, I don’t see things getting any better, at all.

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