The Crown

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This is a weekend chirp. Usually I don’t do a chirp, or, I don’t get into serious political stuff. They will all be there on Monday. Such as Trump complaining bigly about the Special Prosecutor and lying about everything, saying stuff like all Prsidents, before him, should have been investigated because they all took documents home after they left. Whatever. Next weeks issues. I wonder if Twitter will still be around.

Spent the last ten days watching an episode a day of season 5. Season 5 is a touchy subject for people. There are some I know who will not watch it, in the belief of the distortions. I, personally, enjoyed watching the series. Pretty well all the main characters in the season came off not too well with the possible exception of Diana and William, her son. One character who came off as almost being vile, was Martin Bashir, then of BBC, who literally conned Diana into making the tv interview where she literally tore down the Royal Family.

Then I read the reviews. For the most part, the reviews were terrible. Some of the characters, portrayed in the series, called the events and the tone of some of the conversations, as complete fiction and poppycock. The reviewers considered the acting to be acceptable but the content, not so much. There were complaints that Season 5 looked like a Charles/Diana/Camilla soap opera. On the same vein, reviewers felt that there should have been much more focus on the Queen herself.

In a sense, the Crown is like the House of Cards. It went on a couple of seasons too long. There will be at least one more season of the Crown, given that season 5 ended three months before Diana’s death. So if Season 5 looked like a soap opera, Season 6 is going to be far worse.

My chirp for today Have a good weekend.

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