Now it is Two

Attribution to AFP/Getty Images

Monday morning begins the way Friday ended. The noose gets tighter on Donald. Elon Musk is booed at a David Chapelle show, in San Francisco. The Detroit Lions win again. That last statement has not been used that much lately. Like the last 60 years.

One disturbing event is that another execution has happened, in Iran. This time it was Majidreza Rahnavard. He was hung from a crane, hands tied behind his back, 23 days after he was arrested. He was sentenced toi death “for waging war against God. He allegedly stabbed to death two Iranian security members. It was a public execution. Currently, there are 20 more people facing the death penalty. All of them undergoing sham trials. The European Union will be preparing a tough set of sanctions, against Iran, as a show of support for the protesters. Iran is blaming foreign entities for causing the unrest. Israel is closely watching the unrest, stating that the regime’s hardline tactics are not deterring protesters. In fact, the hardline approaching is just increasing tensions and putting the regime “in a box”. Updates will continue.

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