The year 2022 was a pretty rough year for a number of reasons. Roe vs Wade was overturned. Russia invaded Ukraine. Republicans were looking at a red wave in the midterms in November. Donald Trump looked like a shoo in for President, in 2024 Canada was paralysed by the Freedom Convoy. Pierre Poilievre was nominated as Conservative leader, in September, and looked like a favourite to be the next Prime Minister. Danielle Smith became Premier of Alberta. Mahsa Amini was beaten to death, in September, for violating Iran’s dress code. Finally, the Detroit Lions started off at 1 and 6, same old Lions.

The Pendulum was pretty far to the right. But, that pendulum is shifting. It started late in 2022 and continues in the New Year. Happy New Year, by the way. It started in Kansas, where, by vote, Abortion was protected. This is red state Kansas. The Republican red wave did not happen. They are in disarray. Right now, in the background, the tv is on, showing the Republican meltdown live as they try to pick a house speaker. They held a meeting earlier this morning where Kevin McCarthy said, ‘he deserves the job’ and Lauren Boebert responded “Bullshit!”. Wonderful. Donald Trump announced his 2024 candidacy before the midterms. He was all in on Herschel Walker for Senator in Georgia. Walker lost. A number of Trump supported election deniers lost. Trump isd blaming everyone except himself for the midterm flop. He is now even blaming the pro life segment of the Republican base for going quiet after the Roe vs Wade overturn. Donald also suggested that parts of the Constitution be ignored and had a neo-nazi for supper. Donald’s time is slipping away. I haven’t even mentioned George Santos.

The Freedom Convoyers were going to have another event, in Ottawa, in February of this new year. They then switched it to Winnipeg. They now have cancelled, amidst infighting. Pierre Poilievre is getting backlash, for his support of the convoyers and his negativity. His “Canada is broken” schtick is not selling very well. Danielle Smith is just being Danielle Smith. Rachel Notley is licking her chops.

Putin’s invasion is facing a united Ukrainian people and a united west. His invasion is floundering. He is now being question, big time, by his own people and by Russian state media. Never underestimate the powers of mothers. The Iranian regime is fighting against women and children. Never a good look. Finally, the Detroit Lions are now 8 and 8 and are playing on prime time tv Sunday for a playoff spot. No longer the same old Lions.

This year is going to be a wild year. Hopefully, in a good way. Thoughts and prayers for Damar Hamlin.

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