Getting Worse

This is the flag of the Taliban. When Trump was President, he pushed for an agreement that provided the Taliban no longer attack forces in Afghanistan, the US would pull all forces out of Afghanistan by December 2020. This was later pushed back to May 2021. As part of the agreement, the US released 5,000 Taliban prisoners.

The Taliban promised the world that their rule would be just There would be moderation in their rule, from past practices Women’s rights would be safeguarded. The international community fell for it The Taliban lied.

The US pulled out all forces in August 2021. It was a total mess. The Republicans pounced on the debacle even though Biden’s hands were tied with the Trump agreement. The Republicans clown show congress has already indicated there will be investigations into the US withdrawal. I am sure they will completely forget the Trump agreement leading to the withdrawal

The Afghan government fell to the Taliban, before the US withdrawal was even complete. Basic human rights have been stripped since the Taliban began rule. The latest right taken is that women that were going to university have been barred from continuing. It is far worse than that though. Extreme Islamic fundamentalism is now the norm. Women are now being barred from being alone in public, from seeking employment and from education beyond grade 6. Women who held positions of power before the Taliban took over are being assassinated. Also frightening is that the Taliban has totally revised the education curriculum to reflect extreme Islamic fundamentalist dogma.

The Taliban promised that they would be focussed on Afghanistan and not play a role in Islamic fundamentalism outside the country Yet, they have already established ties with ISIS and Al Queada.

The withdrawal debacle left many Afghans wanting to emigrate stranded. To this day, Afghanis who used to work for the previous government, as well as their families, are in fear of their lives. The Taliban has also brought the Afghan economy to its knees. Starvation is a constant fear.

The sad part is things will probably just get worse. The Russians tried to control Afghanistan and failed. The US had 20 years in Afghanistan and, like the Russians, left with there tails between their legs. Neither country has any appetite to try again Ultimately it will have to come from within. Iran is going through that right now. But Afghanistan is no where close to that yet.

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