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This is Bruce Boudreau. Je has been in professional hockey for 48 years. He played for 17 years, include 9 years in the Toronto Maple Leaf organization. He has been in coaching, ever since. He has had a relatively successful coaching career, including one year where he won an award for coach of the year.

Just like there is bad management in business environments that affect the mental health of employees, the same exists in sports. Two prime examples of terrible managent are the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1980’s under Harold Ballard. In response to a question as to women in the work place, Ballard replied, paraphrasing here “The best position for women are on their backs”. I was a Leaf fan back then. Then there was the Edmonton oilers and their decade of darkness in the 2010′ and a bit earlier.

But no one, absolutely no one is as bad as the Vancouver Canucks in their handling of Bruce Boudreau. Boudreau was hired by the Canucks in December 2021, replacing Travis Greene, whose contract is still being paid off. He was an immediate success. The fans started a chant “Bruce, there it is”, a variation of the tag team song “Whoomp (there it is)”. They did not make the playoffs but not for the lack of trying.

This season, the Canucks came under new management. The Canucks got off to a bad start. Management immediately begin criticizing Boudreau. They made it clear they did not want him there. This was back in October. It is now almost February Imagine working for someone for four months and being constantly criticized Being a whipping boy I am sure some of us have been there.

This month, it got worse. Management indicated they were looking for a new coach They even had a nake in mind, Rick Tocchet. This was early January They should have fired Boudreau right then. They did not They put him through three weeks of pure torture. His end of game press conferences were painful to watch. It is painful watching tears. There might be no crying in baseball, but there sure was here. They finally fired him, last Saturday, after the Canucks lost to the Oilers 4-2. He was serenaded by the crowd with “Bruce, there it is”. I am just sickened by the whole thing.

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