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Michigan State University is located in Lansing Michigan. It is the home to 50,000 students and there are 634,000 alumni living throughout the world A sone of my friends attended MSU for a couple of years. I actually have an MSU Spartan t-shirt. Today is not a good day at MSU. The 67th mass shooting in 44 days, in the USA, happened at MSU last night. Three MSU students were killed and another five are in hospital with life threatening injuries. The shooter, a 43 year old male, with no connection to the university, died later with a self-inflicted wound. Some of the students at MSU were also at Oxford high school, near Detroit, Michigan, in 2021, when a 15 year old shot and killed four people and injured seven others. MSU students on campus had to shelter-in-place for an hour. Classes are now cancelled for two days. We all mourn with you, MSU. Imagine your kids having to go through this. Some of them, a second time.

Think of it, 67 mass shootings in 44 days. Most Americans want background checks. Most Americans want a ban on assault rifles. The details as to the weapon used to kill these students have not been released yet. Gutless Republicans, beholden to the NRA refuse to pass legislation of universal background checks and on banning assault rifles. Gutless. Greedy NRA executives keep pushing the mantra “we need more guns” Gutless and greedy politicians such as Ted Cruz and Lauren Boebert keep pushing fort more guns in the hands of America. America already has more guns than people.

To all of the above, blocking legislation and promoting more guns “f— you”. Happy Valentine’s Day

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