Batcrap Crazy

Sourced from Julie Green Ministries website

This chirp is as a result of a twitter video tweet I saw yesterday. I will get to it in a moment. This is Julie Green. She started preaching in 2010 and has been an associate pastor at Faith Family Fellowship since 2013 Her father is head pastor. Her website page is headed with the following,

Julie Green Ministries exists to transform lives through God’s unconditional love, His Word, and the hope that comes from a personal relationship with him.

She has a number of stated beliefs including the following

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of the One True Living God.

We believe He came to forgive, cleanse us from all sin and release us from the enemies’ power.

So far, that sounds like typical fundamentalist beliefs. The second one could be a bit of a red flag. Then you see some of her statements including that the real Joe Biden is dead. Then you see her prophecies including Prince Charles will never get the crown and that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell would suffer ‘God’s Vengeance’ in 2022. Well then, she is maybe a bit off the rails. She is just one person.

She is one of many, however. She is one of many participants within the ‘Reawaken America Tour” This tour was founded by Clay Clark a businessman and former candidate for Mayor in Tusla, Oklahoma. He had launched a lawsuit against the city of Tulsa on the impositions of mask regulations given that wearing masks caused oxygen deprivation. This tour has held a number of events across America, with two prominent frequent guests being Michael Flynn, yes that Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone.

Flynn, at one event, stated

“We need you to charge the machine gun nest…. Maybe I’m just asking you to dig a little bit deeper there or hold this side of the line, or form up cause we’re gonna counterattack over here, and that counterattack is, we’re gonna go after school boards.”

Stone, not wanting to be outdone, stated

“there is a Satanic portal above the White House”

This tour is drawing crowds of fervent believers. This is what is happening in America right now. Now back to the tweet yesterday. It was a short one minute video by Green. She said that three countries would soon be attacking and they have no idea as to what will befall them, when they do Two of those countries were Iraq and Iran. (eye-raq and eye-ran) But then she mentioned the third country. Canada. Batcrap crazy.

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