Hopefully Bad Aim

Probably have you confused with the image and the title. The image is a bit before my time, When I went to school I, like most of my generation, had lunch boxes if we had to stay in school during lunch. I don’t believe this is the case anymore Kids now have their lunches, I think, in their 50 pound back packs.

What does this have to do with anything. Well, today is the first time I will be doing readings of my book ‘Goobletygok’. I will be reading the book to five individual classes this morning at a primary grade school. The classes range from kindergarten to grade three. Like I said, the readings will be in the mornings Those kids bringing lunches will still have them. If the readings go bad, food may be thrown. I wonder if parents pack tomatoes for lunch. I wonder if I should bring a second change of clothes. I wonder if the janitorial staff get paid overtime. Wish me luck.

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