I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

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Today is Indictment dDy for Trump. Wall-to-wall media coverage Will likely chirp about it later this week. All I want to say for now was that back in 2015, Trump went down the escalator with wife Melania. Yesterday, he got off the plane, at LaGuardia, alone. No wife and no family.

Something happened to me overnight that can not be explained. the only explanation is a (I hope) playful ghost.

I have a bit of an OCD bedtime routine. Just before I go to bed, just before I shut off the light, I turn on my transistor radio (yes, I am that old) that is laying on the floor, beside the bed, and listen to a sports talk show for a minute or two. Beside the radio is my clothes for the day (yes on the carpet), consisting of shorts, sweats and t-shirts.

So, last night, I am ready for bed. I reach down for the radio and it is not there. Probably under the clothes. Nope I go through each piece of clothing three or four times. No radio. I look for it at that little space between the bed table and the wall. I find a glasses case covered in dust bunnies but no radio. I go to the kitchen and living room but no radio. The reason I did that is because I once found my bedroom tv remote on the dining table. Forgetful. Did I mention that I am that old?

I go back to bed. I check one more time Decide I will look for it in the morning Despite the interruption in my OCD routine, I actually fall to sleep.

I wake up at 2:30 in the morning to hit the can. I come back to bed, lights all off, and I nudge my foot against where the radio usually is. Of course, it is there. I think to myself, maybe I imagined the whole thing. But there, at my bedside table, is the glasses case covered in dust bunnies. I have not gone back to sleep.

I am so looking forward to tonight.

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