Sounds of Silence

The ‘Sounds of Silence’, sung by Simon and Garfunkel, was released in 1964, remixed and released again in 1965 and became a number 1 hit in 1966. This song has been around for nearly 60 years. Wow.

A paradox but there has been a deafening silence in Republican ranks the last little while. Ever since, a male judge in Texas ruled, last Friday, that the FDA must reverse its approval of a morning after abortion pill, the Republicans have not made a peep about it. There has been no joyous celebration by Republicans, at all. They have stayed quiet knowing that the majority of Americans are strongly opposed to this ruling.

Republicans are also getting quieter on gun violence. There have been now, nearly 170 mass shootings in the US since the beginning of the year. The last two prominent shootings were the deaths of six people at a school in Nashville, including three kids and five people killed in a bank in Louisville, yesterday. Republicans did praise the quick response time of three minutes, but it was three minutes too late for the five who died.

Republicans, while silent, have tried to silence others, with major blowback against them. Last Tuesday during the Trump arrest circus in New York, thousands protested the gun violence in Nashville. Three Democrat representatives protested on the House Floor in the Tennessee state legislature. This was in part due to their frustration of have their microphones shut off when they tried to speak about gun violence during legislative sessions. Their protests on the House Floor did break House Rules. They deserved to be sanctioned. The Republican majority chose the most extreme sanction, that being expulsion. Votes were held on expulsion. Two of the representatives, both Blacks, were expelled. The third, a White woman, was not. That, in itself, looked pretty bad. One of the two expelled has already gotten his seat back, through a internal process. The same will likely occur with the other representative. They will be returning as heroes. Republicans, nationwide have remained silent on the fiasco of their own doing.

Then there is the Donald Trump fiasco. There is a vocal block in Republican ranks that are making noise defending Trump. These are people like Jim Jordan and MTG. But there are a lot of Republicans staying silent hoping that Trump goes away. They know that the Trumpkins could very well help Trump win the Presidential Primary They also know that Trump has no chance in a general election.

For now, the sounds of silence.

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