Big Day

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Two major events happening tomorrow. There is this Fox vs Dominion lawsuit trial starting tomorrow where Fox is being sued for a miniscule amount of $1.6 billion. People have asked why Fox has not settled. Probably because one of the terms of any agreement would be Fox announcing every hour that they lied and they were sorry. That is not going to happen. Fox did get a major gift. The trial will not be televised. Therefore, Fox viewers will not have to see top entertainers like Carlson and Hannity testify under oath. They would not be able to handle the truth.

But the far bigger event, for many Canadians anyway, is that the NHL playoffs start tomorrow night. Hockey poolies are getting their teams lined up, even as this is being chirped. Who will they (we) load up on. Will it be Oiler players or Bruin players, or, in Ontario, Maple Leafs.

NAIT, a college in Alberta has a hockey draft where the top 100 get money and the top prize is $50,000. Personally, I have been in the money twice, over a number of years, having broken my teeth in an annual university and post-university draft back in Windsor, Ontario.

As for the NAIT draft, most people North of Red Deer will probably be loaded with Oiler players. Most people, South of Red Deer, will probably have anyone other than Oiler players. This is because their favourite team, the Calgary Flames, are already out golfing. Too bad Flames

Have a happy Sunday everyone.

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