I need to make this perfectly clear. This chirp is not about the woman, in the image above, herself. It is about the galling hypocrisy of her and the party she represents. The Republican Party labels itself the ‘family values’ party. They say that even though the leader of their party is a thrice married, serial adulterer, sex abuser. The party also has a thing for guns.

Lauren Boebert portrays herself as a gun toting family vales chick. There was that Christmas photo a while back of her and her family all posing with guns. Regarding her family values schtick, here is a few of her quotes.

“The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. … I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk that’s not in the Constitution.” 

“how far have we come when the word of God is not a part of our regular speech?”

“we need men and women of God to rise up”

This next quote is priceless.

The power that you have in Christ, for your marriage, is unmatched. And if you start chasing Jesus, with everything that you have, I promise you that your husband will chase you, chasing Jesus,”

Lauren has talked the talk, but she sure has not walked it. Now, again, I am not judging her for what she has done. I am only commenting on what she has done within the context of her comments above.

Lauren started dating Jayson Boebert when she was 16. Jayson was 22. Jayson was jailed for exposing himself at a bowling alley. Lauren left high school at 18, to have a baby. Jayson and Lauren got married. Lauren is a grandmother at 36. Her 17 year-old son is now a father, having impregnated his teen-age girlfriend. I guess Lauren got tired chasing Jesus, because this 36-year-old grandmother is filing for divorce

Stuff happens. Teen age pregnancies happen. Greater access to sex education and birth control methods would reduce that. Ironically, Colorado, where Lauren is from and represents has a low teen-age pregnancy rate because of a progressive attitude.

Lauren, you are just a flaming hypocrite in a party of hypocrites.

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