Alberta Has Decided

Attribution to Wildrose Caucus

Alberta has been a predominant conservative province for decades and it will remain so, for the next few years. Danielle Smith’s UCP won a majority last night, although it is the smallest majority ever for a ruling party.

Smith stuck to her script and did not get rattled. this was evident during the one-on-one televised debate with Rachel Notley. Notley tried to get Smith to bite on hot buttons issues, including Smith’s interference on a COVID related justice matter, but Smith did not bite.

Smith was magnanimous in victory, giving Kudos to Notley and the NDP.

“It is time to put partisanship, division and personal and political attacks in the rear-view mirror. It is time to move forward together as all Albertans, no matter who we voted for.”

However, she was not so kind to Trudeau and the Liberals, after her victory.

“I invite the prime minister to instead halt the introduction of these harmful policies and come to the table in good faith to work collaboratively with Alberta on an energy and emission strategy that will both grow the Alberta and Canadian economies…, As premier I cannot under any circumstances allow these contemplated federal policies to be inflicted upon Albertans. I simply can’t. And I won’t.”

What will the next few years be like It will most likely be a bit of a circus, similar to the Ralph Klein era. There will not be a dull moment. Smith faces challenges with decreasing oil prices and with the strained health care system. She will also face dissent from within her own ranks. There will be those, within her party, pushing her to go as far right as possible. Others will want to brakes on Smith’s own far right instincts.

Ontario has Doug Ford We have Danielle Smith. Let the fun begin.

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