Now What?

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The 24-hour coup appears to be over, but what happens now? Putin’s status is diminished. He will want to reinforce his strongman image, especially after fleeing to St. Petersburg like a scared chicken. He will be cracking down hard. In that sense Russians are worse off than they were yesterday. Anticipate Donald trump to praise Putin soon.

What will happen in Ukraine? The Wagner Group, as an entity of itself, is gone. The Russian military, in Ukraine, must be demoralized. The Ukraine spring, now summer, offensive has not really gone full stream yet. Anticipate huge Ukrainian gains in the next few weeks.

What about Prigozhin and his Wagner Group. Is Yevgeny actually going to go quietly into the Belarus sunset? Is the Russian military actually going to absorb fighters within the Wagner Group? What happens to all of Prigozhin’s companies and his media empire? Is Putin actually going to let Yevgeny go Scott-free?

Meanwhile, back in the US, the same right-wing extremists who say Biden is dumber than a post are accusing him of being the mastermind of this coup.

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