Culture War Hatred

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So you are going to class. Kind of a warm hazy summer day The class you are taking is gender studies. Let’s say you took the course as an extra credit. Or you took the course because it has deep personal meaning to you It is late afternoon. You are thinking about what you will be doing tonight. Maybe going out to the pub. During the class, this guy comes in. As per the Waterloo Police Chief,

“The accused was not a member of the class but spoke with the professor in the classroom before attacking her with two large knives without provocation.” 

You see you professor being attacked. Then you see two of your classmates being stabbed, as well. You were just taking a f#$%ing course, now you are traumatized. You heard about people getting killed in classrooms in the States, but up here, in Canada? What the f#k is going on?

I did a chirp, a while back, kind of in jest, about Ron DeSantis losing his fight with Mickey Mouse. I apologize for making it look funny Ron DeSantis and his ilk are waging a war of hatred against nearly anyone who is not white or not heterosexual, against anything that is ‘woke’. Since Donald Trump became President hate crimes have increased. Hatred of anyone not like me, a straight white male, has moved from the extreme closer towards the mainstream. Heck. Talk to straight white women, these days, they will tell you its no picnic.

It is spreading in Canada too. There was a city council meeting in Devon, Alberta, just a couple of days ago that had to be shut down when a trans hate protest erupted during the session. The leader of that protest? The same guy who harassed Chrystia Freeland in Grande Prairie, Alberta, a while back.

The Federal Conservative Party, whether fairly or unfairly has been associated with much of the hate mongering going on in Canada. Below is a tweet representing the feelings of many, on Twitter.

Congratulations to the culture warriors in ⁦@CPC_HQ⁩ &@GOP⁩ for inciting anger & violence: “Misogyny, homophobia and transphobia are rampant and normalized in our culture right now, and sometimes it comes out as violence”

The tweeter has a point. This is being posted the day after the attack. Justin Trudeau has condemned the attack a number of times. As of the posting of this chirp, Pierre Poilievre has been dead quiet. This might change after this chirp is posted. I hope so. They say that Poilievre has an image problem. He is going to start appearing public without glasses and dressed down somewhat. It is going to take a whole lot more than that.

There is a US Supreme Court case today that revolves around whether someone has the right to not do business with gays and lesbians. Let’s see how that goes. This has gone way too far.

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