Let’s Get Sued Again

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Fox Entertainment is getting into the bad habit of getting sued left and right. They paid out $787.5 to Dominion, $12 million to former Fox producer Abby Grossberg and are facing a $2.7 Billion from Smartmatic. This time, another lawsuit, from the right, in that the former filing the lawsuit is a former marine, a Fox viewer and was, anyways, a Trump supporter.

Ray Epps. has filed suit against Fox and, of course, Tucker Carlson, who has played a prominent role in all of the above-mentioned lawsuits. Epps was in Washington, having left his successful wedding planning business, in Arizona, to attend. Epps is shown on the night before the insurrection, urging Trump supporters to go inside the Capitol, on the next day. He was acting in the role of cheerleader. Epps lawsuit states

“Ray and (wife) Robyn were persuaded by the lies broadcast by Fox asserting that the election had been stolen…to exercise their perceived responsibilities as patriotic citizens to gather in the nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021 to ‘stop the steal.’”

Epps was there on January 6. However, he did not go into the Capitol. He was also shown, on video, during the 6th asking enforcement officers how he could assist and with offers to help move the rioters back from police lines. He had a change of heart, obviously.

Somehow, Tucker Carlson added two and two and got FBI undercover agent. Over the next year, Carlson, on at least 20 programs, covered Ray Epps and accused him of being a provocateur acting on behalf of the FBI. There is no evidence, none, that Epps has ever been associated with the FBI or any other law enforcement agency. Until January 6, Epps was a loyal Fox and Tucker Carlson viewer. Since the attacks, by Carlson, Epps has received death threats, has had to close his business and is now living in a trailer in the mountains of Utah. As per the lawsuit,

“Fox and Mr. Carlson made Epps the central figure in a lie they concocted about January 6, 2021. After destroying Epps’s reputation and livelihood, Fox will move on to its next story, while Ray and Robyn live in a 350-square foot RV and face harassment and fear true harm. Fox must be held accountable.”

Where have we heard that before? ‘Fox must be held accountable’. In every lawsuit identified above, to start. Hopefully this is the start of a trend. People being defamed by Fox, and other news outlets (news used lightly) such as OAN and Newsmax, based on lies, filing lawsuits.

Enjoy your day.

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