Revising History

Attribution to John Mathew Smith and amp.

This is a bit of a follow-up on the chirp yesterday about Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis revising history to the point where the Florida education curriculum will instruct students that slaves benefitted from slavery

The person above is Art Buchwald He was a humorist known for his columns in the Washington Post back in the day. He wrote a number including one book of political satire, that I can not remember the title, but I remember the specific short satirical story within the book.

The story revolves around a kindergarten teacher in the Soviet Union teaching the class about current events. He asks, who is the greatest leader in the Soviet Union. Some kids answer Stalin, and some answer Beria. The teacher admonishes then for their wrong answers. One student answers Khrushchev and that student gets lavish praise. Khrushchev was leader at the time, in 1964. The class interrupted by a knock at the door. the principal whispers to the teacher that Khrushchev has been deposed and replaced by Brezhnev. The teacher resumes the class and asks the class again, who is the greatest leader in the Soviet Union. The entire class says Khrushchev. the teacher sternly admonishes the class, calling them fools, saying that the greatest leader is Brezhnev.

Buchwald was making a point as to the fact that authoritarian countries revise history to suit the needs of their leaders. The same thing is happening now in so-called democracies. Have a nice Saturday.

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