Clamp Down

Attribution to Darafsh – Own work

If you follow twitter, you will see a certain segment of our Canadian population complaining that we are living under a dictatorship. They believe, especially after the dispersal of the Freedom Convoy, in Ottawa, and at border points, that Trudeau is a tyrant and Canadians have lost their freedoms. They have no clue. They really have no freaking clue.

The above is an image of protests in Iran, shortly after the death of Mahsa Amini.. It has died down, since then. But the leaders of Iran are not satisfied. They are now in the process of shutting down and measure of protest.

It has been only 10 months since Mahsa Anmini died in police custody after wearing a hijab ‘incorrectly’. as the protests died, a number of brave Iranian women continued to go out in public without wearing a hijab. Now, after 10 months the morality police are back on the streets. They are again patrolling the streets to identify women not wearing the hijab or wearing it properly. This time they are patrolling with bodycams. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are being adjusted to identify women breaking the hijab rule. This is provoking protests but not to the level that occurred immediately following Amini’s death.

Iranian leaders and Theologians have been discussing for months how to force women to wear hijabs. They are passing legislation to enforce their will, including fining or closing shops that serve women not wearing hijabs.

Now the whiners in Canada will say that, during the COVID crisis, they had to wear masks and shops were warned to not allow people in stores wearing masks. Two questions to that. How many people died from COVID? How many people from not wearing a hijab? Well, women did die from not wearing a hijab. But they were killed by those enforcing the wish of the Iranian rulers.

To the Canadian whiners, get real.

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