Twitter Jail

Elon Musk is really starting to p@#s me off. I have been put in Twitter jail twice in the last six days. The first time related a post showing a picture of Ivana Trump’s unkempt, at Trump’s golf course. I responded by saying Donald Trump was a piece of Sh#t. Bang! Jail for 12 hours. Should have called him a piece of crap instead. Would have gotten away with it.

Second incident happened this morning. I had made a tweet, yesterday, saying that if any of the Georgia grand jurors come to harm, Trump should be charged as being an accessory to a crime. A Trumpkin tweeted back saying that anyone who supported this statement (did get a number of likes) were idiots. Idiots. You make these insults without providing any facts. the grand jurors are being threatened and Trump is inciting this. Then I said

“Get a life.”

All I said. I got a warning saying people should not say this. Did you want to change the tweet. I hit edit. Bang! Jail. This time I do not know for how long. My goodness.

Whatever. Elon Musk is also stating that he will no longer allow people to block other people. I have blocked people such as Tucker Carlson. I do not need to see his garbage. If Musk takes away my ability to block people, I will have to see the garbage that Carlson spews. What a great way to start a Saturday morning.

Have a nice day everybody.

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