Make Up Your Mind!

Attribution to Sakurambo – Own work

Millions of confused dogs and cats are going,

“Where the frig is my food, it is feeding time?”

In the homes of cats and dogs who are more demanding, they are pouncing on the beds are their moms and dads who stayed up late the night before watching an SNL repeat or a West Coast football game, waking them up demanding

“Feed me now!”

In some places, such as in Saskatchewan and Arizona, it is just another day. The only difference is that the games are starting an hour later. So, in Arizona you don’t have to go your favourite sports pub until 11 to see your favourite team play.

It is that time of the year where the clocks go forward, or is it back, or the time changes. Go with that. We will go through the same routine in March. Some people are happy, others are not.

For me being a morning person, it is nice to see daylight an hour earlier. But we have to pay the price in that supper time the time will have already set.

This twice a year event is known to cause issues and to upset the lives of millions of pets. Governments, just make up your minds. Be like Saskatchewan. As an Albertan, that is hard for me to say. But just make up your mine one freaking way or the other.

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