Attribution to Gage Skidmore

Just a short chirp today. Remember when the Republicans went crazy back in 2016 when Hillary called Trump supporters deplorables? Well, their anointed leader is calling anyone who opposes him, vermin. Can you hear the crickets?

In other news and this all happened in one day. Speaker Mike Johnson did pass a Continuing Resolution in the House thus avoiding a government shutdown. Kevin McCarthy lost his Speakership for doing the same thing. Sam Miely, who was George Santos’ campaign fundraiser in 2022, pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges. A Republican Senator during a Senate hearing held to be held back from engaging in fisticuffs with a witness. Finally, Kevin McCarthy, allegedly kidney elbowed fellow Republican Congressman, Tim Burchett in a hallway. Burchett was one of the eight Republicans who ousted McCarthy from his Speakership.

Shakes head.

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