Slipping Towards?

Some days, one wonders.

The situation in Gaza is getting every day. No electricity, water or fuel for the last month. Not totally true. Some supplies are trickling in. Not even close to what is needed. Hospitals closing down Patients dying. Hamas tunnels being found under hospitals. Hamas using hospitals and patients within as shields. Negotiations for the hostages continuing with both sides making impossible demands. Citizens fleeing from North Gaza now facing the reality of increased Israeli military operations in South Gaza. No where to go. Inflammatory videos of citizen massacred release by both sides.

Protests on both sides spreading throughout the world. Incidents of Jews and Palestinians being harassed, threatened and in some instances killed on both sides. For example, a six year old Palestinian child murdered in the US a few weeks ago. The escalation needs to stop before a world-wide wound is opened that cannot be healed.

The adults need to take control soon. The mothers of the world need to take control of this. All I got.

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