First Time Ever

Attribution to Kabelleger / David Gubler

This is a picture of a train plowing through snow, in Norway. Edmontonians will not see such a scene in Edmonton this year. This may be the first time in recorded history that Edmonton has had no snow cover, at all, throughout November. Ever. Who needs winter boots when you live in tropical Edmonton?

Each year for the last 20 years in Edmonton, just the one geographical location, I have seen the changes brought about by climate change. I have been planting my gardens a bit earlier, shutting them down a bit later. I have been enjoying my deck, in shorts, in October and now mid-November. I have stated indoors more often, in Summer. Not because of the cold but because of all the generated forest fire smoke exploding through Western Canada. Air conditioners were not needed here, at one time. They are now. Our glaciers in the mountain are shrinking.

This is just my experience, in one location. My story can be recounted by billions, throughout the world.

But we have the climate-change deniers who scoff at our experiences and keep saying that the weather is normal. Things will be ok. These are the exact same people who say that Trump is normal, and the world will be ok if he becomes President again.

All I got.

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