Subconscious Bias?

I have not watched much news over the last couple of months. This is directly tied to what is happening in Ukraine. It is just too depressing. I know there are other news stories out there, such as the conservative leadership race in Canada and the ongoing joke that is Trump in the US. Part of it might have to do that my ancestral home is Poland, where so many refugees are flocking to. Hitting too close to home.

However, I was able to watch the US evacuation of Afghanistan last summer and with all the brutality that was happening there I was able to keep watching.

A couple of weeks ago, the driver of my ride from the airport was an Afghani immigrant who has lived in Canada for 30 years now. He still has relatives in Afghanistan and relatives trying to flee the Taliban brutality. He told me how the Taliban are basically from one tribe and that their goal is to eradicate, not assimilate, but eradicate all the other tribes. We have all heard about the plight of women in Afghanistan, especially in areas such as education. He added though that the Taliban look down on education, as a whole, regardless of gender. When I mentioned about how the economy must be hurting, he mentioned that the Taliban, when they come to a village, simply demand food and other necessaties from villagers. If they don’t provide, they could be killed. If they don’t have, they could be killed.

Bottom line, he believes that what is happening in Afghanistan is far worse than what is happening in Ukraine and we all have seen the atrocities in Ukraine. But the western media is focussed on Ukraine to the detriment of Afghanistan.

What does this say about the Western media? What does it say about me?

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