Carlson and Russia

The invasion of Ukraine would put most North American Putin lovers in a tight spot. Not Tucker Carlson though. He just keeps forging on with his pro Russian cheerleading, or, more like, anti-Ukranian vitriol. While Russia has destroyed cities and put 5 million Ukranians into refugee status, Carlson has said the following

Has Putin ever called me a racist?”


Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him?”

More telling, in 2019, Carlson said the following

Why do I care what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia…and why shouldn’t I root for Russia> Which I am.”

Donald Trump is an autocrat. So far, as long as Fox News and Tucker Carlson supports Trump, Trump and his Trumpers will continue watching Fox News. Trump’s autocratic instincts came through bright and clear in the months preceding January 6, culminating in the events of January 6. Carlson loves autocrats. Carlson has originated some of his shows from Hungary, home of the authorian leader Viktor Orban. Orban, recently, has praised Putin and criticized Ukranian leader Zelensky.

Russian state media has taken full advantage of Carlson by displaying him often on Russian state tv. They have exploited Carlson’s views on NATO, similar to Trump, and repeated his conspiracy theories, amongst other things. It is hard for me gto watch Carlson for any length of time. The last time I watched him, Carlson was talking about how difficult it was trusting any news coming out of Ukraine. Thing is, he was talking about the difficulty in trusting Western media, not Russian media

What would Ronald Reagan say?

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