On January 10, 2021, during a republican leadership conference call, Kevin McCarthy supported the idea of having Donald Trump resign. He said that he would ask Trump to do so. A couple of weeks later, McCarthy went to Mar Lago to kiss the ring of Trump. When this news story first came out. McCarthy denied ever making the statement. Audio tapes, since released, revealed that he actually did make the statement.

On January 10, Mitch McConnell voiced to colleagues, back in his home state of Kentucky, that what Donald Trump did on January 6 was an impeachable offense and that the Democrats “would take care of the son of a bitch”. Weeks later, Mitch would vote against impeachment.

Both of these individuals had opportunities to put an end to the madness that is Donald Trump. Both took the coward’s way out. Back in 2008, presidential candidate John McCain’s motto was “Country First”. Too bad republican leadership aren’t taking this motto to heart.

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