Biden and NATO

Joe Biden is leading a coordinated effort, with NATO, in aiding Ukraine against Putin’s invasion. The US, along with NATO allies, are continuing to pour in Billions of dollars of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Putin must have thought, for some reason, that Donald Trump was still president. Trump, when he was in power, did his best to weaken NATO, cast dispersions on NATO, as well as, dispersions on the Ukranian leader, Zelensky. Trump even threatened to withold military aid to Ukraine, the end result being Trump’s first impeachment. I guess Putin thought that Trump had done such a good job in dispiriting NATO, that Russia could just take over Ukraine with little resistance. In the words of the Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman “Big Mistake. Big”

Biden has done a fantastic job in uniting NATO and the west as a whole against Putin. Trump, on the other hand, would have rolled out the welcome mat for Putin to walk all over Ukraine

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