Cancelled Because of – Ahhh

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Couple of months back I was out of town visting. One night I went to a live show with a husband/wife couple. As we entered, we were told the cost per ticket and that all proceeds would go to a facility that had been closed down due to COVID restrictions. When the wife of this couple heard the name of the facilty, she made a disgusted face and said “that’s it, we are out of here”. Now, at the time, I thought this was kind of snippy her and was wondering what the hell just happened, as went back to the car.

She explained, in the car, that the facility had been shut down, because it had chosen not to follow the COVID mandate regulations that were in place at the time. All they had to do was follow the regulations and they could have remained open. She further detailed that the owners of this facilty were quite wealthy and were well known anti vaxxers. If they wanted to make a point and stay closed that was fine. But to then ask for proceeds, when they clearly did not need, a bit too much.

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