Supreme Court Draft Opinion

A controversial draft opinion of the US Supreme Court was very recently leaked. The fact that it was leaked is controversial, in itself, and the leak will be investigated. The content of the opinion will radically affect the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision. In its simplest form, under Roe vs Wade, a woman had a constitional right (i.e. federally protected) to have an abortion. While the official opinion is expected in June, the draft opinion appears to give individual states decision making powers on abortion rights. A number of states are already primed to severely restrict, or completely eliminate, abortion rights. Other states will continue to allow abortions. Given this potential patchwork, women seeking abortions will be forced to go to states, that provide abortions, to have them. However, some states, where abortion rights will be terminated, are considering, or already may be in the process of, passing legislation where women having abortions may be charged with murder, regardless where they have their abortions.

Canadian provinces, bordering US states that eliminate or severely restrict abortions, will see an influx of women from the states seeking abortions. There are already shockwaves from the leaked draft opinion. Republican senator Lisa Murkowski, from Alaska, voted to approve the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. Meanwhile, Susan Collins, from Maine, voted to approve the nominations of Brett “I like beer” Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Both senators are expressing dismay over the draft opinion, with Collins stating that the draft opinion was “completely inconsistent” with the views that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh expressed during their nomination hearings.

Democrats had been worried about their constituents lack of passion regarding the upcoming midterm elections this November. This draft opinion could very well change all that. This will also be a lightning rod issue for Republican voters who were already charged up for the midterms.

In between hockey games last night I hopscotched to CNN and MSNBC for a few moments, to see what was being said about this draft opinion. The panel discussions had a number of women participating. I noted a social media post, this morning, showing a Fox News panel discussion that had four men and no women.

This is a very emotional issue for people on both sides of the political spectrum. It is noted that one of the three women on the Supreme Court is in support of this draft opinion. I believe that it should only be women having decision making roles in this process. I do find it ironic though that people who are so resentful of decisions controlling their bodies, such as having to get vaccinated or having to wear a mask, are quite comfortable with controlling a woman’s ability to have an abortion.

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