Don’t Believe What You See

Photo taken by Tyler Merbler from USA

Donald Trump, on one of his stump speeches said, and I am paraphrasing “Don’t believe what you are seeing because it is not really happrning”.

I have been listening to a number of January 6 related audiobooks by Bob Woodward, Jon Karl, Robert Costa, etc. Currently, just started an audiobook entitled “This Will Not Pass”. These books go into great detail as to the events leading up to January 6, January 6 itself, and the ongoing aftermath. Thousands of interviews, from both sides of the political spectrum, helped form the content of these books. I have watched film documentaries covering the violence that occurred outside and inside the US Capitol building that day, including “4 hours at the Capitol”. I watched, in shock, the events of that day as they unfolded. What I did not watch that day was Donald Trump’s speech urging the rioters to go to the Capitol. I did not see Mo Brooks shouting “We are taking names”. The first I knew of Trump and his cohorts’ rage fueling statements was when I saw that Facebook was going nuts, in reaction to the pre riot speeches.

Think of it, the Capitol had been invaded. Congressmen, Senators, their aides and family were hiding in fear of their lives. A gallows had been set up outside, alongside chants of “hang Mike Pence”. There were shouts of “We are coming for you, Nancy”. The rioters actually breeched the Senate and House chambers. My blood boils even as I write this.

There are more and more texts coming out showing that Republican members and Fox News talking heads were begging for Trump to stop the riot. Obviously, they believed that Trump had the power to do so. But for 187 minutes, Trump did sweet F#$K all. Those same talking heads went on Fox News that very night and started downnplaying and started blaming ANTIFA and other leftist elements. A Repunlican congressmen a couple of days later, had to gall to suggest that if you did not know any better, January 6 was just another tourist day.

So, the Republicans are following Trump’s lead and are telling anyone who wants to listen, that what you saw that day, did not happen. Do not believe what you saw. We all hear about Trump’s big lie about the eklection being rigged. Well, the second big lie started on the evening of January 6, that nothing much happened.

January 6, 2021, needs to remembered at the same level as December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001, days of infamy.

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