A Good Saturday Morning

Photo by Brian Murphy, All-Pro Reels

Today, May 7, 2022, is a good day for Edmonton Oiler fans. After losing the first game of the 7 game series to the Los Angelas Kings, the Oil have won big the last 2 games, having potted 14 goals ,or, 2 converted touchdowns, if you will.

Oiler fans have endured a lot of pain since their Stanley Cup final run back in 2006, when they lost to Carolina in 7 games. They would not even see the playoffs for another decade, known in the these parts as the decade of darkness. Furthermore, in the last two years, where they were favoured in the first round of the playoffs, they lost in dismal fashion.

So it is a good morning to enjoy. You can say well what about the 1980’s when the Oilers won a number of cups. Well, back then I was still back East and was a Maple Leaf fan. The Leafs were horrid in the 80’s. Not going there.

One more good thing for me is I am in a NAIT hockey draft, with three entries. So far, surprisingly, I am doing well. So, will the Oilers win the cup? Probably not. But, like the coach of the Oilers says, one day at a time. So, enjoying for the day.

One more thing, tomorrow is Mothers Day. So to all the mothers in the world, whether they be of kids or pets, well maybe not snakes, “Happy Mothers Day”.

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