Artist Jessie Wilcox Smith

If you go to my “About the Bird” page, you will notice that one of the tag words is author. That was my eldest daughter’s idea to put that tag word in. I started writing a chikdren’s book earlier this year. Doing this through a self publishing process. The actual writing of the book was not that tedious. However, the process of putting it to print is somewhat tedious and can be costly. “Ok, manuscript done. Here publisher do your stuff” Not even close. “Well, you are going to have illustrations for your book aren’t you.? It is a children’s book, after all” My response was “aren’t you gonna do that” Nope. I had to identify what pictures I wanted in the book. Also had to describe what was in each picture, describe the characters and Identify colours. I also had to choose who would do the actual illustrations. This process, in itself, in itself, has taken the last 4 months. Now, we are starting on interior layout and who knows what from there. I might actually have to market the books, as well. But, in my case, I won’t be saying “Look for it in your stores” Instead, I will probably be going to each of you door to door.

The name of the book will be “Goobletygok” It has been so long since I did the manuscript that I, just now, double checked the spelling. This book is more a labour of love than trying to actually make sales. If I sell 20 books I will consider it achievement. One worrisome trhing though. One of the questions the publisher asked was whether I wanted a photo of myself on the back cover. Asked my family and they kind of hemmed and hawed and said maybe not. Okkkk. Whatever. Will update you all in a couple of months.

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