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Photo posted by Kathy Barnette for US senate

The Pennsylvania Republican Primary for the US senate is/will be/was being held/held on Tuesday May 17. The former orange haired president has endorsed tv personality Dr. Oz. Kathy Barnette, an occasional political commentator on Fox News was, until a few weeks back, a relative unknown. She started shooting up in the polls, to such an extent, that by Primary election day, she has/had a legitimate chance to win the primary. As she became more prominent her views started getting more exposure. She had issued statements that were homophobic in nature. She made severe anti Muslim statements and she insists on calling former President Obama a muslim. Of course, she is also a proponent of the Big Lie.

Republicans are/were in a tizzy. Sean Hannity, who formerly praised Barnette, is now saying she is too anti-Muslim and too right wing. Huh? The former orange haired president is saying she has no chance. I am still trying to process Hannity’s too right wing comment. Too ironic.

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