Why so Angry?

The basis for this chirp came from the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine”. Pig went up the mountain and asked the Wise Old Ass “Why are we all so angry?” The Wise Old Ass responded, and am paraphrasing here, back in the day, networks ran their news divisions at a loss believing that delivering the news was a public service. Now, news is profit-driven. The goal is not to inform but to keep you engaged and anger keeps you engaged.

The highest rated cable news network show today is Tucker Carlson. First of all, lets agree that primetime on Fox is not news. It is entertainment. Sean Hannity, one of the anchors on primetime Fox News, has said as much. That being said, Carlson definitely keeps his viewers engaged by taking those routes that make his viewers as angry as possible. Examples? Well, parents making kids wear masks should be reported to poilice. Putin is a good guy, until he wasn’t. Now, Tucker is pushing the false Great Replacement Theory. Buffalo now mourns its dead. I watched Carlson for a couple of minutes yesterday to see if there was any contrition. No. There was diversion, misinformation, but no contrition.

There are outraged cries for Fox News to discipline him or fire him. That won’t happen. Carlson is a money maker. Lou Dobbs, of Fox Business News was let go, soon after Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox for Dobbs’ constant misinformation on Dominion. Until there is a class action suit by the families of the Buffalo victims for Carlson’s spewing of misinformation hatred, Carlson will stay right where he is. As Pig said to Rat, after hearing the words of the Wise Old Ass “He sums things up nicely.”

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