Photo by Gage Skidmore

Tucker Carlson, has, on 400 shows, brought up the concept of the Great Replacement Theory. He now says “We are still not sure what it exactly is.” he goes on to state “The great replacement theory is coming from the left.” This is coming after the racial hatred inspired massacre in Buffalo. This is coming after the shooter mentioned the great replacement theory in his manifesto, prior to him gunning ten people dead.. Tucker you are slime. You are trying to do the same dance now as you did when you had your bromance with Putin before the Ukraine invasion.

One more thing. Fox News did cover, to an extent, the mass shooting in Buffalo. But, if you were trying to hear the words “great replacement theory” used in their coverage, you might have heard it used once, or maybe, twice. Slime. Yes, there is a reason why I made the picture so small.

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