Big Lie Consequence

Pennsylvania General Assembly Attribution

Doug Mastriano recently won the Republican Primary for Governor, of Pennsylvania. In 2019, Mastriano was elected to the Pennsylvania Senate. He is a supporter of Donald Trump’s “Big Lie”. Right after the Presidential election, Mastriano alledged election irregularities in his state. He called for the resignation of the Secretary of State for Pennsylvania. He was behind a push for the State Legislature to appoint delegates to the Electoral College, instead of following the results of the Presidential election, in the state. This, if it had succeded, it would have resulted in Trump getting the electoral votes for the state instead of Biden. Mastriano organized bus rides for Trump supporters to Washington, for January 6. He was among the rioters but did not go inbto the Capitol, that day.

Mastriano, an avowed “Big Lie” believer, is now the Republican candidate for Governor. Pennsylvania is different than other states, in that, where most other states elect their Secretary of State, the Governor of Pennsylvania, appoints the Secretary of State. Should Mastriano win the Governorship, he would, without a doubt, apoint a “Big Lie” believer, as Secretary of State. There are already concerns that should the Democrat Presidential candidate win the 2024 election, in Pennsylvania, by a close margin, that the Mastriano appointed Secretary of State would overturn the results and assign the electoral votes to the Republican candidate. Democracy would be subverted.

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