Not a News Organization

Yes, Fox News again. When news happens, news organizations will cover the news. That is what news organizations do. When Hilary Clinton went through 8 different congressional investigatuions on Benghazi, news organizations, such as CNN, carried her testimony live. Democratic countries do that. Their news organizations carry news. I am belabouring the issue I know.

Autocratic countries, with their owned media, such as in Russia might carry news, but the news is tainted. In fact, Russia has closed every media outlet that does not report the war in Ukraine, the way the Kremlin wants it reported. The Kremlin supported news outlet, is in fact, reporting alternative facts.

The biggest news going right now is the prime time January 6 committee hearing to be held on June 9. These hearings will have a direct effect on the future of American democracy. Every news outlet in America will carry it live. Except for one major outlet. Fox News will have its prime time line up present alternative facts. Fox News should change its name to Fox Propoganda or Fox Entertainment, because they are not a news outlet

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