Been watching a documentary on Watergate, with the central focus on John Dean, who served as White House Counsel for Richard Nixon. Given the timing of the documentary, aspects between Watergate and the January 6 insurrection were raised. This, in turn, raised comparisons between Trump and Nixon. The similarities are somewhat alarming.

Both were/are very narcisstic. Both were/are wanted, in their secopnd terms, to take revenge on their perceived enemies. Both despised the media. Both spoke in the third person “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” Both would do anything not to lose. Nixon was a heavy favorite in the 1972 election. Yet the Watergate burglary still happened. Trump? His big lie which he continues to push. Both threatened democracy. Nixon, with the Watergate burglary and the following coverup including the “Saturday Night Massacre”. Trump, with all his actions leading up to and continuing from January 6.

There is one frightening variable though. In 1974, when Nixon was impeached, America had Walter Cronkite. Now, America has Fox News

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