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Phil Mudd is a former of the CIA. He has also worked in various other areas under a number of White House administrations both Democrat and Republican. He is a frequent guest on CNN, usually taking a pro Democrat stance.

Mudd was on Don Lemon’s show, following the third hearing of the January 6 Commission. Lemon, as well as many CNN commentators and analysts, are now talking about jail time for Donald Trump. They point out to the testimonies provided by Republican advisors and staff during the third day of hearings. It can be fair to say that anti Trumpers, throughout the world, were euphoric with the way the third day of hearings went.

Mudd was one of the panelists on Don Lemon’s show. The discussion was on whether Trump knowingly took part in a conspiracy, given that he knew he lost the election. Lemon pointed out that all the advisors “every single one” had told Trump that he had lost. Mudd retorted that Trump’s defense team would say that Trump did not know thatr he lost. This is where Lemon started losing it. Lemon said “you are wrong”. He again stated that every advisor told Trump that he lost. Mudd replied accurately, that what the advisors told the Committee and what these advisors told Trump in private could be two different things. I changed the channel after that because it was turning into a mud slinging match. One thing Lemon is wrong on is that not every advisor told Trump he lost. The loons such as a drunken Rudy, and fellow loons Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn and John Eastman told Trump he had won. These are loons, but, Trump chose to believe them. At least, that is what the defense will say. Personally, I think Trump is in serious legal difficulty. But, nothing has stuck to him yet. That needs to be kept in mind.

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