Boom and Bust

The Boom

The Boom is what has happened since Cassidy Hutchinson’s bombshell testimony. Committee Member Adam Kinzinger has said that since the testimony, new witnesses are coming out of the woodwork to testify. Furthermore, witnesses who have previously testified are suddenly remembering things (sarcasm) and may wish to testify again. Cmmittee Member Lic Cheney, says that multiple criminal referrals may be made, including ones on Trump. Congressman Adam Schiff has stated that Trump committed multiple violations. Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson had previously stated that the Committee would not make any criminal referrals. That has changed. Secret Service agents are confirming the gist of what occurred in the vehicle when Trump found out that he was not going to the capitol. Finally, Trump is considering making an early announcement of running for President in 2024, in a desparate attempt to deflect attention from the January 6 hearings.

The Bust

The Bust is the Pierre Poilievre supported Freedom Convoy Canada Day activities at our nation’s capital. Poilievre participated in a walk with army veteran James Topp to protest vaccine mandates and government overreach. Topp was dishonourably discharged following being charged with two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline. The walk ended with a gathering at the National War Memorial. Poilievre did not get the favourable reaction that he had hoped for and remained quiet for the rest of the holiday weekend. Four arrests were made at the Memorial following a “situation” which included the assault on a police officer. In addition, 289 parking tickets were issued and 79 vehicles towed. Freedom Convoy related speeches and a follow up celebration to be held at Parliament Hill was prevented from occurring . A table set up to get signtures on a petition to arrest the Prime Minister for teason was taken down. Following the weekend, Ottawa appears to be back to the Orrawa version of normal. Bust for Poilievre.

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