Again, Again, Again

By Meme Star27 – Own Work

The title of the chirp was going to be “Screw Your Thoughts and Prayers”. I looked back at my chirps and I saw that I had already used that title. I am so freaking pissed that I have to freaking chirp about this – Again!! I decided to do this the following day because if I had done it yesterday, there would have been an abundance of profanities.

Highland Park Illinois. July 4 holiday. A parade to celebrate America’s freedom from tyranny. Instead six dead and more than two dozen injured . That brought the total of mass shootings in the United States up to 308 for the year. Since this chirp is the day the after massacre, this total is higher. I am not even going to say “probably” That is how certain I am.

Freedom from tyranny. To be afraid to go to a parade, school, church and even grocery shopping for f#$k’s sake. Is that not tyranny? Tyranny of the gun? Tyranny of the extreme adherence to the second amendment? Freedom. How about freedom of fear of going to a parade to church to school without being shot. How about freedom of fear of sending your kids to school or a parade without being shot? Pick a profanity here.

America passed some, as a Canadian, “chickenshit” gun control legislation. The NRA gun lobby sure won that one. Republicans stated a couple of days ago how a shooting in Copenhagen a few days back is proof the gun control regulations, in a country that has strong gun control, does not work. Three people died in that shooting. The last time Denmark had a shooting as deadly was 2015. The US has had 308 mass shootings this year alone.

The Republicans are going to say it is not the time. It sure freaking is. The Republicans are going to say we need to look at parade security. What??!!!.

What a f@#$ing f#$%ed up country.

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